AAR M-1002 Tank Car Certification Registry

This live registry includes the facility name, city, state, QA Code/Station Stencil, M-1002/M-1003 expiration date, and M-1002 certification elements (activity codes, material groups, repair level capability, and service equipment category).
Please Note:
• If the tank car facility obtains/maintains M-1002/M-1003 certification they will appear in the M-1002 certification registry list after the 2020 audit report is processed.
• Each facility has access to their specific status within their online profile.
• Refer to the latest version of the AAR Manual of Standards and Recommended Practice, Section C Part III, Specifications for Tank Cars, Appendix B (M-1002) for the scope and description of the tank car certification elements listed in this tank car M-1002 certification registry

Facility Name City State QA Code / Station Stencil M-1002/M-1003 Expiration Date A19 A19c B24 B78 B81 B82 B85 B87 B89 B90 C4a C4m C5 C6i C6r C7 C8 C9 C10 C12 MG1 MG1 TC-128 MG2 MG3 MG4 MG7 RL1 RL2 RLC RLJ RLS C4aC C4aF C4aI C4aS C4aV C4mC C4mF C4mI C4mH C4mS C4mV C5C C5F C5H C5I C5S C5V C6rC C6rF C6rI C6rS C6rV C12C C12F C12I C12S C12V